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    15675 McGregor Blvd. 
Fort Myers, FL 33908
        15675 McGregor Blvd. 
                   Fort Myers, Fl 33908 

Phone: (239) 433-4474   or

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Our October
 Day Tournament  
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Morning High Scorers

  1st - Ruth McConnell- 265 pts
   2nd - Carol Ghazarian - 140 pts
     3rd - Loretta White - 135 pts      

 Afternoon High Scorers

   1st - Mary Hough- 230 pts
   2nd - Ruth McConnell -  170 pts
   3rd - Linda Ortlepp-  135 pts

 Morning  Bonus Winners

Quint - Ivana Marudis
Jokerless - Andres ​Bass
Singles/Prs - Carol Ghazarian
2017 - Ivana Marudis

 Afternoon Bonus Winners

  Quint- Carol Ghazarian
  Jokerless- Andrea Bass
  Singles/ Prs - Pat Carlson
  2017 - Linda Ramsey

Congratulations to Our 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place Winners 

They received a $100 Golden Ticket to enter the 
2018 Mah Jongg World Championship
to be held in Las Vegas

I Love Mah Jongg
by Pam Felton

Mah Jongg, Mah Jongg, that's my game
No two hands are ever the same!
Will it be Craks, Bams, or Dots?
I'll not tell you what I've got.
What hand will I play?
It's really hard to say.
The Odds? The Evens? The Winds or the Date?
Three six nine or two four six eight?
Maybe a Quint. . . I'll not give you a hint.
Time for the Charleston. . . what it's not a dance?
I've got my hand -- I'll take a chance!!!
Now it's time to pass . . .remember don't be an ass!
Don't give two of a kind, have you lost your mind?
​East and West . . .not the best
Don't pass a double, that can be trouble
What about this soap . . don't be a dope!
The passing is over, time to pick and throw
will I get a Joker . . .you never know?
What are the others doing? I must be attentive.
What about my hand . . .I'd better be inventive.
Everyone else has tiles on their wall. 
I'm the one having nothing to call.
Oh wait -- that's a tile I need
I call it with great speed.
Only one more I say to myself
Then it comes out and MAH JONGG I shout!!!